1 Day Until a Bonded Courier From Some Tulip Trust Delivers Keys to $8 Billion in BTC


Tomorrow the self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright will supposedly get 1,100,111 BTC from the Tulip trust allegedly held in Seychelles. Since crypto became more a religion than a science, BSV supporters believe that  Wright will gain access to the keys and some of them believe than he will use the funds to bring the BTC value to zero.

In the last years, Wright has been in the center of a drama/comedy with claims never confirmed. Most of the crypto community does not even take into consideration his claims except to create memes and for entertainment purposes. Wright was caught many times lying and forging documents and never proved any of his claims. Still, BSV believers think that he will receive. million BTC tomorrow on January 1, 2020.

The Tulip Trust story became public in December 2015 when Wired and Gizmodo published an article about Wright and Kleiman. The tulip Trust story appeared in the court case in 2018 that was initiated by David Kleiman brother Ira accusing Wright to have interfered with David’s BTC and intellectual property.

tulip trust - 1 Day Until a Bonded Courier From Some Tulip Trust Delivers Keys to $8 Billion in BTC

The supposed Tulip Trust.

The Tulip Trust is an agreement allegedly composed and signed by David Kleiman on June 9, 2011. David Kleiman (now deceased) was a computer scientist who partnered with Wright on some business ventures. The Tulip Trust document shown above shows a trust held in Seychelles and contains 1,100,111 BTC. The documents date in September 2011 and the document claims that Kleiman had “full control of all the software and keys to manage the bitcoin.”

The Tulip Trust document further shows how David Kleiman got 1.1 million BTC from Wright in Australia and at the time the coins were just worth $100,000. The document says that then Kleiman “formed a trust to be managed by at least three people but not more than seven at any time.” David Kleiman’s alleged Tulip trust further notes that the agreement is not public is and the Tulip Trust will be held and managed in Seychelles. The Tulip Trust document further states:

“All Bitcoin will be returned to Dr. Wright on January 1st, 2020.”

However, from the BSV camp there are already statements that the keys are not sure to arrive in January 2020 as Wright states for Coingeek:

“As I’ve explained in court proceedings, I believe I will receive information in January 2020 that will enable us to identify coins I mined into my companies in 2009 and 2010, but cannot be certain that all of that information will in fact arrive. I have not said the private keys to those coins would become available, or if so, actually used, in January 2020. In the next few weeks, we will be holding trust meetings and working out the next steps going forward in 2020.”

This seems more like a withdrawal from Wright before January 1, 2020, comes and he will have nothing to show from the Tulip Trust.

Another recent claim from Wright is that Bitcoin will not exist after December 31, 2019, because of a flaw in the bitcoin code, but this makes obsolete even his 1.1 million BTC that he supposedly will receive on January 1, 2020.

bitcoin dead - 1 Day Until a Bonded Courier From Some Tulip Trust Delivers Keys to $8 Billion in BTC

Now Wright has two options:

1- On December 31, 2019, the flaw he inserted in the Bitcoin code (as the bitcoin creator) will cease to exist.

2- On January 1, 2020, Wright gets the keys to dump BTC to zero, but he can not because bitcoin does not exist!

But he is clever because he is playing 4D chess. Wright wants to be double sure that bitcoin goes to zero so in case the flaw in the bitcoin code does not work he has the second option to bring the BTC value to zero dumping it after he gets his 1.1 million BTC.

At the end what would be crypto without people like Craig Wright that entertain millions of people with their fantasies!

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spinner - 1 Day Until a Bonded Courier From Some Tulip Trust Delivers Keys to $8 Billion in BTC

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